Typical Aussie Christmas – top 5 things you didn’t know

Beach-SantaIn Australia, we do Christmas a little differently! Although some British traditions have continued, left from our early settlers, Australians have formed some of their own unique traditions.

  1. It’s hot, hot, hot! The first thing you should know is that December 25 falls in our summer months. We don’t get snow, but we can get storms! Summer storms sometimes light up our Christmas nights with lightning and thunder.
  2. Expect seafood. As well as the traditional roasts, expect a lot of prawns, plus any other delicious seafood that may be available.
  3. Santa pops up in strange places. Summer is peak bushfire season in Australia, and as a way to promote fire safety, Santa has an annual fire truck run. He rides a fire truck through the streets giving out Christmas cheer and lollies to children.
  4. No eggnog or fireplaces. Instead of eggnog, Australians usually drink champagne or beer and because of the warm weather, we don’t sit by the fire. You can find many families on the beach or in the backyard playing cricket.
  5. Carols by Candlelight. This is Australia’s big event, which takes place on Christmas Eve in Melbourne. Thousands of people attend to listen to performers and choirs singing carols, each with their own candle glowing in the warm night air. This tradition begun in 1937 and proceeds go to Vision Australia (the leading national provider of blindness and low vision services in Australia).

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