Top 4 ways to enjoy autumn in Melbourne!

Bright_insetAutumn is here at La Trobe University, and boy is it looking pretty!

Melbourne is a great city to be in during autumn, as the leaves change colour and everyone is in the mood to be outdoors. According to Experience Oz, autumn is the best time to visit Melbourne, with an average maximum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and minimum of 11 degrees Celsius.

To help you enjoy this time of the year as much as us, we’ve put together a few things to do in Melbourne in autumn this year.

  1. Visit the Yarra Valley: Home to more than 80 wineries, the Yarra Valley is renowned for producing some of Australia’s finest wines. The region is also known for its fresh produce, such as freshwater salmon, trout, caviar and organically grown fruit and vegetables. Located approximately an hour drive north-east of Melbourne, why not design your own wine trail or take a hot-air balloon ride over the stunning fields before the weather takes a turn.
  2. Go to Bright: Famous for its stunning autumn colours, the town of Bright offers fantastic bike tracks, walking trails, adventure activities, and also hosts an annual Autumn Festival which finishes on May 1.
  3. Go hiking in the Dandenong Ranges: Take a walk in a stunning preserved national park and reserve, while you still can. Experience breathtaking views from the top of a mountain top, while strolling around the beautiful scenery. From challenging hikes to strolls, you are bound to enjoy the Dandenong Ranges whether you are an experienced hiker or not.
  4. Check out the Next Wave Festival: A biennial art festival that creates a platform for a new generation of artists in Australia. The festival tends to include a series of talks, parties, and exhibitions. If you are interested in the art world and would like to be introduced to local artists and designers, be sure to head to Next Wave Festival in May.

Experience your own Autumn in Australia. Visit our website to learn more about studying as an international student at La Trobe.

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