Chinese student loves to volunteer

International student from China, Zhe WangZhe (Iris) Wang is an international student studying a Master of Professional Accounting at our Melbourne Campus.

Originally from China, Iris experienced a complete culture shock when she moved to Melbourne to attend La Trobe. ‘It was very hard for me to adjust, because of the culture shock and different language…but what made it easier for me to settle in was that there is a friendly community on campus and everyone is happy to help you.’

Now that she has settled in, Iris says, ‘I have enjoyed my experience in Australia, because of the sunshine, weird weather, and the beach.’

When looking back at her time so far in Australia, Iris says, ‘The most beautiful views that I have seen here are the Great Ocean Road and our university view.’

Helping others

This year Iris was an international host, assisting new international students as they settle into university life.

‘Volunteering was one of the highlights of my time at La Trobe,’ she says.

‘Studying in Australia has helped me improve my communication skills, which has helped me make new friends and develop my English, and made it easier to chat with others. Through this, I am getting more independent when I face a problem and solve it by myself.’

What’s next?

Looking to the future, Iris is eager to find work in the accounting field and says that she truly enjoys studying because she believes it will help her get a great job.

‘Having so many experiences will create career opportunities. In five years, I’ll be finished with my university degree and aim to get a great job, and travel to many more great places around the world, just like Australia,’ she says.