Research centre to explore life inland

CSI_insetLa Trobe University has launched a new research centre with a focus on environmental change and the Murray Darling Basin (a large area in south-eastern Australia containing many interconnected rivers and creeks).

The Centre for the Study of the Inland (CSI) will draw researchers from across Victoria, including from our Albury-Wodonga Campus, where Vice-Chancellor Professor John Dewar officially launched the centre on Friday 22 April.

The A$1 million centre has been initially funded for three years and will bring together archaeologists, historians and social scientists to examine the ways the region has been transformed by millennia of human interaction and environmental change.

‘As one of Australia’s largest inland regional centres, Albury-Wodonga has been selected as a place of launch for La Trobe University’s new Centre for the Studies of the Inland,’ Professor Dewar said.

‘The new centre not only represents the University’s ongoing commitment to investing in regional communities, but expands upon its significant reputation for producing centres of research excellence.’

While the centre will have a broad focus on inland Australia through six research themes, a key focus will also be the Murray Darling Basin’s ability to adapt to environmental change throughout history.

Previously there had been no integrated, historical study of environmental change in the Basin or the accompanying social and cultural changes impacting on it, Professor Dewar said.

‘The Murray Darling Basin encompasses the most important ecological region in Australia and the centre will concentrate La Trobe’s expertise on exploring the changes it has sustained over millennia,’ he said.

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