Nepalese student’s life in Melbourne

Prem Nath Gaire,( Master of Business)Prem (Nath) Gaire is from Nepal and moved to Melbourne last year to take part in La Trobe’s Master of Management program.

Even though he had to ask a lot of questions when he arrived, Prem says that he quickly became familiar with the city and his surroundings.

When asked about his favourite and most memorable experiences since moving to Melbourne, Prem says that he had ‘a very memorable experience of dining with an Aussie family.’

‘My close friend Ayush and I went for a casual family dinner at Heathmont. We had a very good time, conversing with the family and talking about our new life here and about our country – Nepal.’

Prem says that after dinner they decided to play a game of monopoly, a game he had never played before.

‘It’s very similar to cards, but more complex. I had never played in my life and luckily I won! The interesting thing is that I didn’t know that I won – someone else figured it out. I enjoyed the game very much,’ says Prem.

From dinner with an Aussie family to Melbourne’s New Year’s Eve fireworks, to winning a textbook in a Human Resource Management lecture, Prem has had many memorable moments since moving to Melbourne a mere five to six months ago.

Settling in

Prem explains that the community on campus truly helped him settle in when he first moved to Melbourne. ‘The university was really big and confusing at first. Those were the days when I had to struggle to even find my classes and I used to seek help from other people all the time,’ he explains.

‘The Ask La Trobe team and other students were both really helpful in the early days.’

New experiences

Now that he has settled in, and has met many other students, Prem explains that his life here is ‘completely different’ to his life back home.

‘I used to live with my parents and study full time without working much back in my country. Here, I study with people from diverse backgrounds and I have now learnt to say “Hello” in many new languages like Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian, etc.’

Looking back on how much he has changed since leaving home and moving to Melbourne, Prem says, ‘I have become self-dependent in many aspects of my individual life and it has empowered me. Work and study hasn’t always been easy, and I have engaged in volunteering activities as well that have added further complexity to my time management.’

Looking to the future

After the sheer amount of experiences Prem has had in the past few months, he says that in five years, he wishes to ‘start a new high potential business in my own country.’

‘I’ve always seen myself as a planner. I see a lot of potential or gap in this area. For now, I want to throw myself in a team of likeminded people and planners to polish my planning skills.’

With a full-fledged plan set out, Prem says that he aims to ‘take leadership in economic and sustainability issues of my country through new businesses. My plan is complex because I have to fuse the idea of sustainability within my businesses which is really challenging as per my understanding of the corporate world.’

But he ensures us that he is ready and that ‘all these activities [at La Trobe] put together have really helped me achieve mental and emotional growth as a person.’