Top ways to meet people when studying overseas

Postgraduate studentsMoving to a new country without knowing anybody can be intimidating and difficult. Just remember that many of you are in the same boat, and sometimes it only takes a little bit of effort to make new friends.

Here are some things that you can do to meet new people when you come to La Trobe.

Join a club

Students run many cultural and recreational clubs, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet people who share your academic, cultural, literary, musical, political and sporting interests.

Say hi

Someone has to take the first step, and why shouldn’t it be you? When sitting at lunch or right after class, initiate a conversation with someone around you. Take the opportunity to ask them about themselves – the other person will probably appreciate it and enjoy chatting about their background.

Join a sports team

If you are already a sports player, you know that joining a sports team is a great way to meet people who enjoy the same things as you. Don’t be shy – sign up and see what happens. You might meet an entire team’s worth of friends!

Get out of your room

You’ll never meet anyone if you stay cooped up in your dorm room. Go for a walk and see if you bump into anyone, spend time on the lawn, and attend university events, where you’ll find others who want to meet new people.

Invite someone out

Have you been dying to see the newest superhero movie? Take the leap, and invite a new university friend out to a screening. Sharing that experience is bound to be fun and will hopefully spark up a friendship.

Get a job

What better way to interact with people than at work? Try to stick to a job on campus, so that you can meet someone who also goes to La Trobe. Your colleague could be your next best friend! However always be aware of your workplace rights and responsibilities – remember there are limits to how many hours international students can work during semester.

Be available

If someone asks you to do something – say yes. Don’t come up with a bad excuse for not going because you are nervous. The new friendships will make it all worthwhile.

Get involved with campus activities

There is always something going on around campus. Step out of your comfort zone and attend the next fair, BBQ or event on campus. Events are a prime time for interacting with others, as everyone is there to chat, have fun and meet new people.

Finally, if you have ever experienced not knowing anyone on campus, be sure to take the time to help those who look like they may be a bit too shy to take that first step.