Vietnamese student ready to teach English

Nhan Thi PhanNhan Phan is undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy in Education (TESOL) at La Trobe’s Melbourne Campus.

Originally from Vietnam, Nhan says that La Trobe University is a popular choice of university for many Vietnamese international students.

‘Getting a prestigious qualification at our university will surely open a secure career prospect for me when I go back to Vietnam,’ she says.

After many years of hard work, taking on a Master’s degree at La Trobe in 2014, and then continuing on to do her PhD, Nhan feels as though she has been ‘well equipped with both knowledge and soft skills in a dynamic learning environment’.

‘It is very likely that upon my return, I will be very confident in my teaching and social life as a professional lecturer,’ she says.

La Trobe University

‘When I started my Master’s, I chose La Trobe to be my university destination because many of my colleagues in Vietnam, who are La Trobe alumni, suggested me to further my study here based on its teaching and learning quality, as well as a culturally diversified environment. When I finished my Master’s degree, I felt really satisfied with my course and tried to apply for a PhD position in the same major because I had already known very well about my supervisors’ supervision quality and the satisfying learning environment at La Trobe,’ says Nhan.

Focusing specifically on her course, Nhan explains that she finds it ‘really intriguing and practical in the way that the course firstly assists me to become a TESOL, EAL, ESL teacher well-equipped with teaching methodologies and practices. Apart from the practical goals of being an English teacher, I was well-prepared with research skills so that I could enter a different world of academics.’

From attending La Trobe University Vietnamese Association events to taking part in numerous trips around Melbourne to La Trobe’s Introductory Academic Program (IAP), Nhan says that her time in Australia has been wonderful.

Professional development

Nhan has enjoyed working on campus as a casual employee in numerous positions. ‘I had a chance to work with different interesting, professional and serious staff, who have supported me to work in a fair trade and friendly working environment. I was trained to work independently and cooperatively with staff here in a productive way. I love the working environment at our university.’

Looking to the future, Nhan says that in five years she ‘plans to help my students realise their dreams of getting higher IELTS band scores and assisting them with scholarship application so that they can have a chance like me to study abroad, and possibly, at our university if they can get admission.’

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