Clubs and societies perfect for international students!

Student Clubs and SocietiesAs an international student, clubs and societies can help you meet new people and share your interests with others. From a card gamers’ club to a French club, we boast numerous clubs and societies for all of our students.

Here are some clubs and societies that may be of interest to you:

Australian-China Youth Association: This society acts as a platform for you to collaborate with local students and improve your language skills. It provides information about career or study opportunities in China, and gives you the chance to work with academics from the school of China Studies/Asian Studies. The society aims to strengthen the relationship between Australian and Chinese youth.

Bahasa Indonesian Students’ Association (BISA): BISA aims to raise the Awareness of Indonesian Culture at La Trobe, develop social relations between Indonesian international students and Australian students, promote tourism to Indonesia, and much more.

Chinese Students’ Club: The Chinese Students’ Club aims to improve understanding of traditional Chinese culture.

Christian Union: The Christian Union meets together regularly to support and encourage each other. This group aims to get to know others and explores different views of Christianity.

Exchange Club: The Exchange Club aims to encourage friendships between members of different nationalities though dialogue and events. It can help with any problems or concerns you may have and helps you to enjoy your stay with us.

French Club: Whether you are French, interested in French culture or have an infatuation with all things French, you are welcome at the French Club! From eating crepes to watching French films, this club is a great way to meet new people and learn about a new culture.

Islamic Society: The Islamic Society aims to serve and facilitate the religious, social and academic needs of local and international Muslim students, and to teach Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims.

Indian Students’ Club: The Indian Students’ Club is a non-profit organisation, representing the Indian culture through social interactions. The club aims to promote cross-cultural integrity and social ethics.

Malaysian Students’ Association: The Malaysian Students Association is a place for all Malaysians to meet and get to know each other. They organise many student activities and sometimes collaborate with Malaysian societies in other universities.

Pakistan Students’ Association: This club aims to promote cross-cultural integrity and social ethic, welfare, social, educational and cultural activities. It’s a place for all Pakistanis to meet and get to know each other.

These are only some of our clubs and societies you can join. There are many other clubs which may spark your interest to explore your favourite hobbies. These include our Society of Music, Engineering Society, Animal Rights La Trobe, and Cinema Society, to name a few. For the full list, visit our Clubs and Societies page.