Indian student creates a self-navigating robot

Shethia_inset2Rushabh Shethia from India is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Information Technology at La Trobe University at the Bendigo Campus.

Rushabh says living on campus and participating in events organised by La Trobe International and the Bendigo Student Association helped him adjust to the local way of life.

‘The Bendigo campus is a delight, and the staff are easy going and very helpful. The environment of a regional city is supportive in many aspects of student life,’ Rushabh explains.

Rushabh has also taken advantage of the many great opportunities you don’t often get living in a big city. ‘My experience seeing kangaroos on campus in the evening is one of the most memorable things – it will stay with me. To throw a boomerang was a very amazing experience.’

What he was most passionate about during his time at La Trobe was the opportunity to innovate and create. ‘I was part of two projects in my final year. The first was creating a self-navigating robot and the second was creating an information system for tutors and lecturers.’

He says that the lecturers at La Trobe have been supportive, and the learning style stands apart from other universities. ‘The course content can be more industry relevant, but the focus is on the fundamentals,’ Rushabh explains.

From developing personal and educational skills during his time at the University, he says he’s ‘developed skills to navigate the real life puzzles while studying in Australia.’

In five years, Rushabh says he’d like to be in ‘a place where I am intellectually challenged to create innovative products and services in the domain of technology.’

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