Mexican student loves campus community

Alonso Navarro Mendoza_insetAlonso Navarro Mendoza is an international student studying a Master of Community Planning and Development at our Bendigo Campus. Originally from Mexico, Alonso moved to Melbourne in 2015 to further his education.

‘Having an international qualification in Mexico gives me value as a professional, because not many Mexicans have the opportunity to do a postgraduate degree overseas,’ he says.

Living on campus

‘The adjustment period was very easy for me. I think living in [on-campus] residence helped me go through this period because I met new people around my same age and we shared similar interests, with the advantage that we lived in the same place and that made it easier to do stuff together.’

Life in Australia

After growing up in Mexico, Alonso says that he has taken in so much since being in Victoria. ‘Studying in Australia has helped my personal development in so many ways. Since I have been here I have noticed an important personal growth. Studying in Australia has shown me how strong and smart I am, not only academically but also emotionally. Adapting myself to the Australian study system was hard at the beginning but now I feel that I am a more demanding professional because I know I am capable to achieve high standards.’

Meeting others

‘My experience in Australia has been amazing,’ explains Alonso. ‘I think that being a Host Student for the International Office has been one of the best experiences [since being here] because it allowed me to meet new people from all over the world that were experiencing the same stuff I was and that made me become close to those people and make new friends.’

According to Alonso, both on-campus accommodation and international groups have helped him meet others who are in the same situation as him.

Best memories

‘The community on campus is one of the best qualities of La Trobe University. All the people here are very friendly and welcoming, which has made my experience here easier in all aspects,’ says Alonso. ‘Unimates nights have always been fun and they are a good opportunity to catch up with the other international students in a fun environment.’

Next steps

Looking to the future, Alonso sees himself as a part of an International Nongovernmental Organisation and working towards providing a better quality of life to many communities around the world.

‘[I aim to apply] the knowledge I am gaining in improving the quality of life of the people living under difficult conditions and creating bridges between cultures to promote understanding between the different countries and ideologies in the world, and probably studying a PhD because I want to keep feeding myself with knowledge.’

You can be a part of La Trobe’s supportive campus communities too – visit our website to find out more about studying as an international student.