Free immunisation for your child

Immunisations_insetDoes my child need immunisations in Australia?
Childcare centres and kindergartens require a record of your child’s immunisation history. If your child was immunised overseas they may have missed out on important vaccines that help to protect them from diseases related to Australia.

What if my child was immunised overseas?
Many countries do not follow the same immunisation schedule as Australia. If you require a record of your child’s immunisation history for school, kindergarten or childcare enrolment, bring your overseas records to Darebin Council’s Immunisation Service office.

Darebin Council provides:

  • immunisation certificates for children who were immunised overseas 
  • free catch up vaccines for those requiring additional immunisations for Australia’s schedule.

Where can I go for Immunisations?
Darebin Council holds immunisation sessions on weekdays, evenings and weekends. The immunisation program is available on the Darebin website.
An appointment is not necessary to attend any of these sessions.

Are my child’s immunisations free?
YES. If you are an overseas student, there is NO FEE for vaccines.
For further information regarding immunisation, contact the Darebin Immunisation Service during office hours from 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Phone: 8470 8562
Address: 270 Gower St, Preston.