‘I am so glad that La Trobe will be a part of me when I return to Myanmar’

aye-yie-mon_insetAye Yie Mon is a La Trobe international student from Myanmar, studying a Master of Education. After graduating with a Bachelor of English in Myanmar, Aye Yie decided to look further abroad for the experience and expertise to assist with education reform back home.

‘I am passionate about education reform in my country, Myanmar. I want to participate in the reform process. So I decided to attend the Master of Education course.’

The choice of subjects on offer were also an attractive prospect for Aye Yie, ‘such as curriculum and educational studies subjects, applied linguistic subjects, leadership and management in education subjects and student welfare and guidance subjects. All subjects are interesting and I have the opportunity to know which sectors I am really interested in.’

Adjusting to life in Melbourne

‘The student support at the University is exceptional. Our sponsor’s support and La Trobe international student services have continually kept me abreast of new information and opportunities. For that I am really thankful.’

‘My experience in Australia is amazing. I enjoyed a lot, having good friends and learning various customs and culture around the world. My experiences of life in Melbourne city have not only been amazing but memorable.’

‘I will always remember Melbourne for its four seasons in a typical day.’

‘I have met people from Melbourne who are friendly and kind to me as a foreign student. When I get lost in the street or don’t know which train to take, people have had the courtesy to explain and direct me.  I began to appreciate that people in Melbourne value and respect diversity and therefore are kind to all people.’

The La Trobe Experience

‘La Trobe University provided me a learning environment that not only aimed at academic success but also personal development, leadership and intercultural communication.’

‘Engaging in volunteer work during semester breaks was a bonus as it provided us the opportunity to meet friends from all over the world. The most memorable thing I did was volunteer as an International Host and e-friend. As a Host, we provide information to new students about La Trobe university and life in Melbourne. I made new friends with volunteer students and welcomed new students to La Trobe.’

Studying the Master of Education

‘Studying in La Trobe was not only about advancing in academia but about preparing to face the challenges in real life.’

‘Most of my classes have many international students. I would like to acknowledge the superior level of patience and support provided by our lecturers in trying to ensure we understood every lecture we attended.’

‘I vividly recall the moment when we were given an assignment worth 70 percent. I was anxious to death. It was my first encounter and my friends and I were shaken off our feet. To our consolation, the good lecturer noticing our anxiety simply said; “have courage and confidence that you can do it and please don’t be afraid to change. Change will make you better.” The lecturers understand the students’ situation and gave encouragement to move forward.’

What’s next?

‘I am profoundly proud of my La Trobe University experiences. I am so glad that La Trobe will be a part of me when I return to Myanmar. I, as La Trobe University alumni, will endeavour to actively and passionately promote our experiences here back home. The experience in La Trobe will definitely create better career opportunities for me.’

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