Be aware of scam emails

Beware of fake emails. These are sometimes called Phishing emails. Phishing emails are designed to get sensitive information from you for malicious reasons. They may try to get your username and password, credit card details, bank account number or other information from you. The email may look as though it is ‘real’, but you need to be careful of links that direct you to fake websites to steal your information.

Some phishing emails can be very convincing, but there are some things you can check. Is it an email from another student, pretending to be from the Service Desk? Who is it really from? When you hover over the link, is it really going where it says it is? Is the link going to a real La Trobe website or somewhere else?

Some examples are emails that try to tell you that your email account has been changed and to click on a link to avoid deactivation. Others may tell you that your mailbox is full and you need to click on a link. Often they will put a copyright at the end to try to convince you. La Trobe does not actually put copyright on real messages.

If you have any doubts at all, then do not answer the email, or click on any links in it or open any attachments. Contact Student IT Support 1300 5287263 for further advice.