Bandmates Victoria wants you

Bandmates is a program that matches volunteers with people over 18 with disability or mental health issues, to go out to live music. Often people with disability and/or mental health issues are unable to attend live music unless they are with parents or support workers. This project creates solid foundations that facilitate social access, build community connections and enhance well-being through accessing popular and independent arts and culture.

Want to be a Bandmate?
– Are you a young person over 18 with disability or mental health issue that wants to see live music?
– Want to meet a person who has the same musical tastes as you?

Fill in a Bandmate Registration Form or contact Bandmates Victoria Officer on 0437 161 061 for more information. Bandmates will meet with you, talk with you and match you with the Volunteer of your choice.

Want to be a Volunteer?
– Do you love live music?
– Do you want to volunteer to see live music with a person with disability or mental health issue?

Read the Volunteer Role Statement and complete a Bandmates Volunteer Application Form. Bandmates will meet with you, organise a Police Check and book you into our Volunteer Induction training.
Contact: Bandmates Victoria Officer 0437 161 061 or