How to avoid Plagiarism

In Australia, plagiarism is a serious offence that falls under the category of ‘academic dishonesty’.

La Trobe University policy states that:

Academic honesty is a fundamental principle in teaching, learning, research and scholarship. The University requires its academic staff and students to observe the highest ethical standards in all aspects of academic work and it demonstrates its commitment to these values by awarding due credit for honestly conducted scholarly work, and by penalising academic misconduct and all forms of cheating (Academic Integrity Procedures, 2012, p. 1).

The penalties are severe and being caught for cheating can lead to:

  • Immediate expulsion from Uni
  • Cheating recorded on academic transcript
  • Cancellation of student visa

At La Trobe, all students are required to complete the Academic Integrity Module (AIM) through LMS. It is designed to help you understand expectation at university and to avoid plagiarism and academic misconduct.

To minimize plagiarism and ensure standards of academic honesty, La Trobe University use Turnitin which identify:

  • plagiarism which involves word-for-word copying of text
  • collusion within a class
  • assignments which have been previously submitted for assessment.

If you have any questions about avoiding Plagiarism for any particular subject, get help early: