Important information about your enrolment

As an international student, it is a requirement of your student visa that you:

  1. Complete your studies within the time stated on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). This would normally mean that you will need to maintain a full-time enrolment of 120 credit points (8 subjects) per year or 60 credit points (4 subjects) per semester, and;
  2. Maintain your current mailing address with the University.

A breach of either of these requirements is a serious matter, and may lead to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection withdrawing your student visa for breach of your mandatory student visa condition 8202.

If you have completed an ‘Agreed Progression Plan’ or attended a visa extension session with a staff member that includes a reduction in your load then you are not required to enrol in additional subjects.

To avoid any problems with your student visa, please urgently add subjects to your enrolment in StudentOnLine to bring your study load up to 60 credit points for semester 2.

For information about enrolment, search our frequently asked questions in ASK La Trobe.