2017-LTISS (Sem2) LMS “Subject”

Noticed a new subject in your LMS? 2017-LTISS (Sem2) is a special “subject” just for international students. It is designed to provide you important information about studying at La Trobe and living in Victoria. There are no compulsory activities within this subject and no assessments. 2017-LTISS does not directly contribute to your course grades.

2017-LTISS is produced by La Trobe’s International Student Services (ISS). Look out for two (2) new Topics from us each week. A Topic is presented as a square “tile” on the page – simply click on the tile to open it. Note that 2017-LTISS may look a bit different to some of your other subjects, which are often in a grid-like format.

2017-LTISS might become part of your online toolkit or even facilitate a way to further connect with La Trobe and the La Trobe community.

We encourage you to discover 2017-LTISS throughout the semester. Alongside information and advice, there will be art & photo competitions; quick interviews with international students on campus; chat rooms on specific topics and other opportunities for you to engage with your student and Australian experience.