Call-Out for Artwork/Photos

Calling all artists and photographers! We are seeking submissions of artwork (including photos) to be used as the cover image of 2017-LTISS(Sem2) LMS topics. The selected image will, in some way, match the theme of the topic and will feature as the square “tile” within the 2017-LTISS(Sem2) front page.

This week, we are seeking images for two separate topics. The two (2) topics/topic themes are:

  1. Purpose (images about purpose/ideas about purpose/about your purpose for studying/your life purpose)
  2. 5 questions (5 Questions will involve quick on-campus interviews with international students about their student life and career goals)

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions will be accepted from current La Trobe international students only
  • Images should be width: height = 3:2 ratio.
  • JPEG/PDF preferred format
  • No offensive or inappropriate images will be considered
  • Selection is final and there is no appeal process
  • By submitting an image, the artist/photographer consents to ISS using the image in any way we choose. The artist/photographer also consents to ISS making adjustments to the image (eg sizing/text overlay). The artist/photographer will be acknowledged.
  • Maximum of two (2) entries per student per topic
  • Submit to: with subject title: “Artwork for LMS
  • Have fun!