Student stories: La Trobe international students at the 18th ISANA Victoria/Tasmania State Conference

La Trobe International Student Services were delighted to sponsor outstanding international student leaders to participate in the 18th ISANA Victoria/Tasmania State Conference. Pictured with the President of ISANA (Victoria/Tasmania Branch) Manorani Guy are La Trobe students Sanjog Parajuli (Nepal), Dechamma Macharanda Direan (India) and Quoc Huy Tran (Vietnam).


Career and Employment opportunities

Huy shared with us: “I was amazed by the fact that there are so many organisations out there for international students. The conference also made me aware of my own professional and career development. I attended a session on using social media as a tool to engage stakeholders. Through the presentation by Ross Monaghan, I learned about how to set goals and apply strategies using social media for my professional documentation.”

Networking and friendship building

Sanjog, who has been elected as the president of La Trobe University Nepalese Student Association (NEPSA), quoted: “One of the main highlights of the event, for me, was the opportunity to meet Mr. Frank McGuire, Member of Parliament. I told him that I was from Nepal and he was very interested in sharing his experience about Nepalese living in Broadmeadows and asked me to visit Broadmeadows where he would be able to connect me with the Nepalese society. I had great opportunity to meet with other international students from Monash University, University of Tasmania, TAFE, etc. We even played Lego as a team building activity and it was great fun.”

Support and Advice

Dechamma has volunteered as international hosts for numerous shifts. She learnt the importance for the students to stay focused and not lose sight of what their ultimate aim is: “The talk by various panels on the exploitation of international students, standing up for their rights in regards to pay and overtime was an eye-opener. I, as an international student myself and a host in the previous semesters, have come across instances where students have been apprehensive and also hesitant to approach for help. We did not realise, that it is just a matter of reaching out and there will be assistance in various forms, such as International students Services, student advisory bodies, etc.”