Prepare for your exams: top tips

Want to learn how to stay cool, calm and collected during exam week? Get some tips to help you with your exam studies from Achieve @ uni. Learn how to be prepared with strategies to help you do your best and reduce anxiety. Every topic has heaps of information and advice to help you survive your exams.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or finding it hard to stay motivated you can make an individual appointment with the La Trobe counselling service.

If you missed an exam due to serious illness, an accident or other unexpected circumstances you may be able to apply for Special Consideration. Before applying for Special Consideration, you should first check your eligibility. If eligible, you will be directed to the application form. Be aware that all special consideration applications need to be submitted within 3 working days from the date of your exam or due date of your assessment.

We wish you all the best with your final assessments/exam!