Need an Official Letter or Academic Transcript to demonstrate your Semester 2 results? Place your order online today!

To receive an Academic Transcript or an Official Letter confirming course completion or enrolment status online in the week of Semester 2 results release (week of Monday 4 December), place your order online today!

When placing your order online, select to ‘hold document for results’ when completing the order form:

By selecting to hold your document for your results release, your document will not be generated until all your results are finalised. Should you have a result that is missing, withheld or waiting on assessment, your document will be provided at a later date.  Please ensure you have settled all outstanding debts with the University as we will not be able to provide your document if there is a financial sanction on your account.

The final date to order an Academic Transcript or Official Letter in 2017 will be Thursday 30 November. This ensures we will have time to generate your letter before the December shut down period. All orders placed after this date will be provided in early January 2018.