Free event: Joining the Dot’s Welcome Dinner Project

Would you like to attend a local welcome dinner, make friends and practice English? Join the Welcome Dinner Project!

The Welcome Dinner Project (initiated by Joiningthedots) is aiming to create a sense of community especially for newly arrived people such as international students. You will be invited to a local Australian home to share different home-made dishes, laughs and stories in a relaxing environment.

To join a welcome dinner, register online. Then, you’ll be sent an email when there is an upcoming dinner in our area. After confirming your attendance, all you have to do is come to the selected house on that day with a plate of food (perhaps a traditional dish from your culture), your smile and an open heart. You will be welcomed into the home of the host and given a brief outline of the Welcome Dinner Project and what to expect. There will be two facilitators who will guide the activities throughout the dinner, and give you an opportunity to share your experience at the end.