Support Services for international students

  • Are you new students? Not yet familiar with University systems (e.g. LMS) or processes?
  • Do you need help to understand the timing of assessment tasks, what is expected of them and where you can go for assistance?


You may benefit from the service provided by our Student Development Advisers on your campus who help students with a range of inquiries, from general to study-specific.

Additionally, we have a number of support mechanisms in place for students who may be feeling stressed or anxious that you could refer them to, as well as dedicated support services for international students at La Trobe International.

Make sure you check the Student Learning website for referencing skills, essay writing, or language skills. These are some of the commonly named topics on which students in the program needed the advice to achieve success at university.

If you got a question about your career options or getting a job, contact the careers team at your campus to get professional advice.