Do you need to extend your student visa? Start preparing your documents now

Is your international student visa expiring this 15/03/18 and you still haven’t completed your course?
If yes, you will need to extend your CoE with La Trobe International.


Applying for a new CoE is easy, however, we suggest you apply at least 2 months before your visa expires as this will allow you time to prepare and apply for your new student visa. through the Department of Home Affairs.

Remember that there are severe penalties for overstaying your student visa period without a valid CoE.


To apply, download and complete the CoE application and attach the following documents:

1.  A new Progress Plan

  • For Coursework Students You will need a new Agreed Progression plan (APP) 

To request one email your college:

Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce College:
Sciences, Health and Engineering College:   

  • For Research students You will need a new Research Progress Panel (RPP)

To request one, consult with your supervisor or Graduate Research School (GRS).

2. Extension of your OSHC – Health Insurance Provider

If you are Coursework student finishing your studies by:

  • Semester 1 – You will need to extend your OSHC until at least 30 August of the current year.
  • Semester 2 – You will need to extend your OSHC until at least 15 March of the following year.

If you are a Research Student finishing your studies between:

  • Nov/Dec – You will need to extend for another 6 months
  • Jan/Oct – You will need to extend for another 8 months

3. Copies of your current passport AND current visa – (This includes bridging visas)

To submit your CoE application and documents requested:

  • Online: ASK A QUESTION
  • In person: Sylvia Walton Building level 3 reception (Melbourne Campus)

*Please be aware that the CoE application process takes up to 7 university working days.

For more student visa information visit La Trobe University: Applying for Student Visa.