Failed subjects due to unforeseen circumstances?

You may be eligible to apply for a remission of your subject fees because of special circumstances if you:

  • withdraw from a subject after the census date, or
  • have not successfully completed the subject requirements

What are special circumstances?

Special circumstances are medical, personal or course-related issues. In order to be considered for a remission of debt, your circumstances must have:

  • Been beyond your control
  • Not made their full impact on you until on, or after, the census date; and
  • Made it impossible for you to complete the requirements of your subject

You will require documents to prove your special circumstances.

University resources

La Trobe University provides resources and information about Debt Remission including:

We strongly suggest you following all timelines and requirements as outlined in the procedures and policy document.

Need help with this process?

  • Book an appointment to see an LTSU Advocate via 03 9479 2314 or email
  • Or contact La Trobe International Student Support Services on 03 9479 1199 or Ask a Question