Next of Kin, Emergency contact or Guardian? Update your details

As an international student, you need to keep your Student Online details up to date, this includes your Emergency Contact Details.

When selecting an emergency contact type, there are 4 options to choose: Emergency Contact, Next of Kin, Guardian and Nominated Contact.


But, do you know what the difference between these terms is?

  • Next of Kin
    Is the person who can be contacted by the University in the event of an accident or incident occurring to a student.
  • Emergency Contact
    Is the person the university can contact in the event of an emergency situation. For example: “do not come to campus today”; “please move to building XXXX”
  • Guardian
    Onshore guardian for students under 18 years old.
  • Nominated Contact
    Is the person who can be contacted by the University in case the student is not available.


For all these 4 options, it is very important that you add the following information:

  • Name:
  • Relationship:
  • Home Phone:
  • Work Phone:
  • Mobile:
  • Address:

For the purpose of your safety and visa regulations, please you keep these details up to date.