Study and Exams during Ramadan Tips

We know is difficult to study during Ramadan, so here are 10 Tips for students fasting during the holy month:

  1. Keep yourself hydrated during non-fasting hours
  2. Study more after Suhur and lesser after Iftar
  3. Refrain from fried food (will make you sleepy!)
  4. Eat lots of fruits! and add proteins and carbohydrates.
  5. Drink milk every day (or any nut milk)
  6. Eat honey (good glucose source!)
  7. Break your fast with soup (for extra hydration) and dates (for a quick sugar fix)
  8. Try not to stress as it will make you tired
  9. Take a break from your studies every hour to stretch and relax.
  10. Save energy, go to bed early.

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