Remember to enrol properly for Semester 2

Semester 2 will commence on the 30th July, be sure to enrol properly. If you are an International student visa holder you are required to enrol in four subjects per semester (60 credit points).

Can I study less than 4 subjects (60 credit points) in a semester?

You can only enrol in less than 60 credit points (‘underload’) with permission from your College and La Trobe International Compliance team, documented in an Agreed Progression Plan (APP).

La Trobe International Compliance team and the College will only approve underloading for compassionate or compelling circumstances or if you are in your last semester of studies.

If you have compelling or compassionate reasons that prevent you from undertaking a full study load in any given semester, contact La Trobe International Support Services as soon as possible. Contact us via online via Ask us a Question or call us on 94791199.

Remember that if you have applied for Advance Standing, you can’t under load, you will still need to study full time (60 credit points) until your last semester.