Attend a game with a local host! – AFL, Tennis, etc!

Get involved in an iconic Aussie experience. This is your chance to watch the iconic Australian game of AFL with local fans for free!

A SportsHosts GameDay brings locals and travellers together to watch live sports in a new way. Typically, a GameDay is about meeting for a drink or a bite to eat and then heading to a live sports game together.
But that’s the thing – all GameDay’s are different, find one that suits you.

  • Find a GameDay to join
    Search for GameDays by location, date or sport. Pick one that sounds fun and suits your group size, then request to join.
  • Connect with your host
    Once the request has been confirmed,  you can securely message with your host to confirm the details of the GameDay.
  • Meet up and have fun
    Meet your host on the day, join in their GameDay activities and gain lifelong memories.

Learn more about hosting a SportsHosts GameDay and share your favourite team with the world.