G*STEP 6 month Program (Free)

The G*STEP program (global students entrepreneur program) is supported by Study Melbourne, International Student Welfare program. The idea involves combining start-up businesses with international students and gives international students access to real entrepreneurial experiences while giving start-ups access to global citizens.

The G*STEP 6-month program starting in August 2018 includes networking, mentorship, entrepreneur training and has been created to:

  • Foster international students’ connectedness
  • Innovative thinking
  • Develop their entrepreneurship skills
  • Foster leadership and communication abilities
  • Building skills optimised for the future of employment

G*STEP is provided at no cost to all international students in Victorian universities and post-secondary colleges. It is open to Start-ups from any sector who will benefit from an improvement in global connectedness. International students are matched with a team that fits both their skills and interests. They will learn with a real start-up business with a number of other students from around the globe. They will be part of this team for the 6-month program.

For more info: G*STEP