International Students Leadership Committee (I-LEAD)

International Student Services (ISS) has gathered a group of young leaders to form the university’s first International Student Leadership Committee (I-LEAD) who will provide us with valuable information about the student lifecycle, improving our services, increasing student engagement and development through volunteering opportunities.

This month we are featuring two of our amazing I-LEADers Edel Wan from Melbourne campus and Tejas Deshmukh from Bendigo campus.

Edel Wan


Edel is an international student from Mauritius studying a Bachelor of International Relations. She has been involved with La Trobe International in several different events including the International Host program and I-LEAD team. Recently, she was invited to participate on the highly recognized International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) as a panellist to discuss “Creative Approaches to Global Learning”.



It was an incredible opportunity to share my experience as an international student and to provide a student perspective through discussions with professionals from all over Australia. I’m thankful to the International Student Services for giving me this opportunity. The ISS team is very supportive by providing opportunities for us to go out of our comfort zone, to gain exposure with different organisations and professional bodies, and to build up our transferable skills set.


Tejas Deshmukh  


“TJ” is an international student from India studying a master on Community Planning and Development. He has recently been nominated as a finalist for Regional International Student of the Year and participated on the CityStudio project to make Bendigo more liveable! TJ is also a very active member of the I-LEAD committee and the international student host program.



I’m enjoying La Trobe but it was challenging at first—I came from the city of Mumbai, which has a large population, so coming to Bendigo was a real culture shift for me. However because is a smaller student cohort it becomes easier to connect with each and every student. If an international student is looking for a personal elevation in their career, I would definitely suggest for them to undertake study at any of the La Trobe regional campuses—they have so much to offer.

Congratulations to our amazing students, hosts and iLeaders for all their hard work and achievements!