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How Inspector Simon Stevens is bridging a gap between overseas students and Victoria Police

In identifying Melbourne’s high volume of international students, inspector Simon Stevens saw an opportunity to engage with a community that often carried assumptions or misconceptions around law enforcement in Australia — ideals and biases brought on by students’ perceptions on how police operate in their home countries. He sought and created a portfolio dedicated to Melbourne’s overseas students and saw the need to create further awareness of international students’ safety across the city and help students understand Victoria Police’s role in their wellbeing.

Awareness, visibility and community work are just part of what Simon’s larger plan to assist Melbourne’s overseas students and help them become more comfortable in approaching police when they feel they are in danger, or when they identify and report a crime that has occurred.

This story is part of Meld Magazine’s “Think Smart, Stay Safe” campaign and has been produced with assistance from Victoria Police. The campaign aims to provide international students with relevant resources that ensure students are aware of when to report a crime, how to identify when a crime has happened to them and who students can report to. Read the full article here.

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