Global Innovation Program and Study Tour to Bosnia 2018

The School of Engineering and Mathematical Science and La Trobe Learning and Teaching are organising a unique interdisciplinary project-based elective subject (15 credit points) open to all Trobe University undergraduate students in their 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of studies.

Who and What?

Up to 20 students from various disciplines – including Engineering, Business, Marketing, Humanities, Social Sciences and Media – will collaborate in teams to generate an innovative idea, develop a detailed design of a product/service and pitch their work at a pre-departure forum. The innovation will be contextualised for the Bosnia & Herzegovina market, meaning that students will have to engage with citizens of that country prior, during and after the international travel.

Pre-Travel Workshops and Training

The design stage of the subject will start on 11th October and conclude on 19 November 2018. During this period, project clusters will engage in 4 intensive evening workshops, a blend of online and face-to-face activities.

Travel (21 Nov – 6 Dec)

The groups will travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina on 21st November and will return 6th December to Australia. During the trip, students will formally visit 3 cities (Tuzla, Sarajevo and Mostar). They will attend the IEEE Student and Young Professional Congress (1 – 3 December), BH Futures Foundation Academy (24-25 Nov) to collaborate with fellow young Bosnian professionals interested in design thinking methodology. Students will also undertake a 2-3 day cultural immersion program with one of the local Universities where they will learn about history, language and culture. You will have the opportunity to visit companies, participate in professional development and visit historical sites.

Participants will shadow and engage with industry professionals in their field of studies. For example, students of Media Studies will shadow a local journalist for seven days while engineers will spend time examining major research & development and infrastructure. This will provide participants with valuable work experience in an international setting.

About us

This subject – led by Eddie Custovic (Director of the La Trobe Innovation and Entrepreneurship Foundry), Dr Damir Mitric (Senior Lecturer, La Trobe Learning and Teaching) and Matthew Felicetti (System Engineer, La Trobe Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundry) – provides you with an exclusive opportunity to experience firsthand the power of innovation and entrepreneurship. We are looking for participants who are keen to immerse themselves in an idea that they believe in and who are eager to explore what it means to take a risk (in a supportive environment). The subject is designed to simulate the realities of modern working life. All skills you will acquire are transferable. We will teach you how to use the experiences you made in the course of this subject to develop your own professional brand.

Placed are limited. An information session providing further background information, including scholarships, travel arrangements, and course requirements will be held on Wednesday 3 October from 6:00pm until 7:30pm at TLC115, La Trobe University.

Credit towards your degree

Students can enrol into a 15 CP subject towards their degree and will receive a letter of completion after the program.


The estimated cost of this trip is approximately $2000-2200

All students will receive a $500 travel grant. This grant is available to both international and domestic La Trobe University students.


  • 21st Nov – Departure from Melbourne Qatar Airways – QR905
  • 5th Dec – Departure from Sarajevo Qatar Airways- QR294

Travel Insurance

All students (both domestic and international) are covered by La Trobe University’s insurance from 10 days before overseas program commencement until 10 days after the program ends.

Information session

An information session will be held on 3 October. To book your spot please register at STUDY TOUR TO BOSNIA