Tips on how to improve your study habits

Are you ready for the final exams?

The examination period for Semester 2 2018 will start on the 2nd of November and will finish on the 22nd of November, so here we have a few tips for you to improve your study habits.

We know everyone is different and we all have different approaches when studying, so it is important to remember that you not only need to study harder but also need to make sure you study smarter. Take a moment to analyze your current study habits and how you can improve them.


  • Location

While some people prefer to study at home, others might want to study at the Library. However, at this time of the year, our Library can be quite busy and noisy, so make sure you arrive early or visit any of our other buildings to study. For Bundoora campus students, we recommend you the Donald Whitehead Building or The Learning Commons Building. These two locations offer quiet spaces, with access to charging stations and study-boots.
If you live far from your campus, consider studying in your local library. Most libraries have access to computers, charging stations and quiet rooms.

  • Noise

This will depend on your preference, so we suggest you try both options to find out which one works better. Some studies have found that studying in silence is crucial when attempting difficult tasks or memorizing, however, others argue that a little background noise can actually help you concentrate. If you need music to study, we suggest you search for “Music to concentrate, Music for studying”, etc in your preferred playlist app or program.

  • Time of the day

Some are night owls and some are early birds, so do not stress if you can’t study well at a particular time. You know what is best for you, so arrange your study times according to your preferences.
However, we recommend you at least to have a quick read of your notes before you sleep and as soon as you wake up, as some studies have shown that we are more likely to retain information when doing this.

  • Duration of study

When studying, make sure you take appropriate breaks between sessions and also remember to eat healthy food and/or proper meals so that you have enough energy to study.

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