Looking for a job this summer?

Job-hunting in Australia can feel daunting at first. The competition for jobs can be fierce and fast-paced, but don’t feel discouraged if you don’t find something right away – here is a seven-step guide to help you get a job!.

To start you off, here are some tips for landing that first interview:



Careers Ready counsellors are well-informed about work opportunities in the local area. They can guide and support you, and offer honest advice about your career path. They can also review your resume, put you in touch with others who can assist, or advise you on career pathways.

Your resume is really important. It’s often the very first impression you’ll make on a potential employer – so you’ll definitely want it to stand out (for all the right reasons, that is!)

Make sure your resume clearly showcases your skills, abilities and achievements. Don’t just send out a generic resume; carefully read the job description and pick out the keywords. Respond to those keywords in your resume and tailor it to directly appeal to the company you’re applying for. You’ll also want to come off as confident, educated, reliable and professional: is your resume well formatted? Has it been spell-checked? Is it easy to read? Before making a submission, check out the top five mistakes students make on resumes.


Register with La Trobe Unitemps and visit websites like SeekAdzunaCareer One, and the Australian Government job portal to get the latest job vacancies sent straight to your inbox.


Are you being paid enough – at least the average minimum wage? Are you facing any discrimination as an international student? Check out the Fairwork Ombudsman’s Guide to Starting a New Job and know your rights before agreeing to take just any job.

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