Worried about failing a subject? – Review and Remark

You can request a review if you have concerns about the result of an assessment task. A review will provide you with constructive feedback, which you can use to help you achieve higher grades on future assessment tasks.

Review process

  • Email the original marker or subject coordinator from your La Trobe email account, within 10 working days of the publication of the result, and ask them to review their evaluation of your work
    • include your student ID, the subject code and assessment task in your email. Be polite and professional.
  • The marker will explain how your assessment task received the mark.
  • The task will be checked according to the grading standards and the calculation will be checked.

If you are not satisfied with the review, you can apply for a re-mark. You can only apply for a re-mark if you have first completed the review, and if you can demonstrate that the original mark:

  1. Was biased; or
  2. Failed to follow the published assessment criteria or grading scheme for the assessment task.

If you request a re-mark, you must provide evidence to support the grounds claimed.

Re-mark request process

  • Email the subject coordinator from your La Trobe email account for a re-mark within 10 working days of your mark review. If the subject coordinator was the original marker, then apply to the head of your school.
  • Your application for re-mark must:
    • include your student ID, the subject code and  assessment task in your email. Remember to be polite and professional
    • show that the task has been reviewed and what the result of the review was
    • explain why you want a re-mark.
    • provide evidence to support the grounds for the re-mark request.
  • The staff member will then evaluate your request and your evidence, and decide whether the re-mark will be granted, in accordance with university policy.
  • If the decision to re-mark is granted, the task will be re-marked by another academic. They will not know your original mark for the task.
  • You will be advised of the outcome of your request within 10 working days of the decision.

The Review and Re-Mark of Students’ Academic Work policy and procedure has detailed information.