Digital resources for international students’ legal problems

Inner Melbourne Community Legal has launched a free digital resource for international students to help them understand and access support for legal problems connected to where they live, work and study.

They can help you with:

  1. Making a rental agreement
  2. Your rent being increased
  3. Being told to move out of your rental
  4. Broken things where you live (rental)
  5. Feeling unsafe in a relationship
  6. Someone is making you feel uncomfortable or
    harming you and won’t stop
  7. Not being able to pay a fine
  8. Challenging a transport fine
  9. Not getting a service you’ve paid for
  10. Picking where to study

This information is provided free for you to use by Inner Melbourne Community Legal. It was written by community lawyers with the help of international students living in Victoria. It is not legal advice. Resources are available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese.

For more information visit Inner Melbourne Community Legal.