Academic skills support

Studying at university means learning new skills – like how to research for an assignment or work with a bunch of people you’ve never met before. That’s where our Peer Learning Advisers step in. They are friendly, high performing students who are trained to help you with your study and assignments. Find how and where to find Peer Learning Advisers online.

“Peer Learning Advisers provide timely academic skills support on a one-on-one basis or in a group,” says Pamela Delly, who coordinates the program at La Trobe.

“All of our Peer Learning Advisers have many tips they can share. You’ll benefit from talking to a fellow student who faces the same pressures and concerns as you do.”

Not only will you get the help you need to achieve your best – you might also make a new friend!

You can also find a range of useful resources online through Achieve@Uni. You will learn how to find the information you need to do your assessment tasks, how to avoid plagiarism, as well as how to study effectively at uni, including getting the most out of your classes, doing teamwork, preparing for exams, learning online, and doing enquiry based learning.