Results to be released by 17 July

Results for Semester 1 will be released by 17 July, and for Winter Semester by 26 July. Your subject results will be published on StudentOnLine.

If you believe your results are incorrect, you may request a review of your marks in writing.

Requests must be made within 10 working days of results publication. In some cases, you may be eligible for a remark. For information on how to apply for a review or re-mark of results, check the Review and Re-mark of Students Academic Work Policy.

If you fail one or more subjects, it is essential to be aware of the University’s Academic Progress Review Policy.  

For assistance, contact La Trobe International Student Services and/or ASK La Trobe.

Do not ignore notification letters! Ask for assistance as soon as possible. It is essential for all students to check your university email account regularly and also ensure personal residential addresses are up-to-date.

Note that not checking your email or forgetting to update your address are not acceptable reasons for not being aware of academic progress notification.