Tips on productive online studying

With the continued outbreak of COVID-19 we have decided to transition face-to-face classes to online delivery, wherever possible, from Tuesday 24 March. Here are 3 most essential tips on productive online studying.

  • Set up a routine and stick to it

Although you will most likely have the flexibility to study from home, it helps to set a schedule as you would on campus. Dressing like you were going to university. It helps to stay on track. To avoid getting distracted, turn off your social media account when you study.

  • Make smart study goals

Use planners, and to-do lists to manage your studies. Start with achievable goals, such as read p20-30 from the textbook, or complete the 1st study quiz.

  • Stay tuned and seek for help

Various support services are available, including ASK La Trobe, International Student Services, Learning Hub, Health and Wellbeing, and Library. Don’t hesitate to contact us. The earlier, the better.  
Check your university emails and LMS for updates daily. Talk to your classmates and lecturers is you have any doubts or questions.