Life is better with a Buddy – Join Virtual Buddy program

The buddy program provides an opportunity to develop cross cultural friendships.

The Buddy program helps La Trobe students to make friends, develop peer networks, and engage in cross-cultural exchange. The program not only helps students develop language and intercultural communication skills, but it also helps build global awareness as well as rewarding friendships between students.

And most importantly, it is FUN!!!

In aligning with the COVID-19 updates on ‘Stay at Home’ and ‘Restricted activities’ direction from the Department of Health and Human Services, we have moved to a Virtual Buddy Program for the start of 2020. All activities and programs will be delivered and conducted by phone or online platforms for now until we return to campus.

Once everyone returns to campus, and it is safe to do so, we will begin to have our regular events and gatherings that are such an essential part of this program. We hope that when participants are matched with their buddies, they will catch up virtually (and regularly) in some way to start to build that relationship with each other. During these times of physical distancing, it can be especially hard for people socially as we are unable to gather usually, so this is an opportunity to meet a new group of people and engage and support each other virtually until things return to normal.

Complete the application form to be part of the program this year!