Warning – Never Pay Tuition Fees to a Third Party

There have been reports of fee scams targeting at University students in Australia. The scams involve fake companies on Social media claims to offer to pay students’ fees, then the student pays back the company in instalments over the next three months.

Students are advised to provide personal details such as student number, and date of birth to the third party. Following this payment, the student receives receipts of fee payment made by credit card – presumably stolen. The credit card holder then disputes the payment, and the payment is reversed. The student has a debt from the fee department at University as no payment has been received by the University.

To be safe with your money, remember:

  • La Trobe University does not require or ask you for your bank account information – including your account number or BSB (never give your account number or BSB number to anyone you don’t know over email).
  • La Trobe University does not provide fee discounts to any third party so please pay the fees directly with the university online or in person at ASK La Trobe.
  • Check any documents to make sure personal information is not included before giving them out to people online.
  • If you suspect an email is fake or spam, delete it without opening it.
  • Keep anti-virus and anti-spam software up-to-date.
  • Don’t click on links in emails – use your bookmarks to visit your bank’s website, or type the address into your browser.
  • Check your bank and credit card account statements regularly.
  • If you think you may have provided financial information like credit card numbers to a phisher, contact your financial institution or Credit Card Company immediately.
  • Banks in Australia do not send emails requesting you to confirm, update or disclose your confidential banking information

Get help

If you think you’ve been scammed, don’t feel embarrassed or helpless – ask for help and protect yourself from further harm.

If you have been a victim of a crime (such as fraud), report it to your local police. If you need immediate support, ring emergency on 000.

You can also connect with university services:

Speak up

Contact Speak up, whenever you have safety or wellbeing concern for yourself or someone else, and you want confidential and free advice about what to do. Ring 03 9479 8988 or Email: speakup@latrobe.edu.au or Submit the online reporting form (you have the option to remain anonymous)

International Student Services

Throughout your time at La Trobe, you’re always welcome to seek advice, information and support from the International Student Services (ISS) team. We can help you with academic, social, financial, cultural, and pretty much any issue you encounter. It’s important to seek help early if you experience any difficulties. Call us on (03) 9479 1199 or Ask a Question online.

24-hour student support hotline.

If you need help after-hours (at night, during public holidays or on the weekends) call 24-hour student support hotline 1800 758 360 – we want to help you with anything you might be worried about.

For additional information on the different kinds of help available, visit Scamwatch and Consumer Affairs Victoria.