24 Hour Student Hotline and reminder – have you updated your contact details?

New 24 Hour Student Hotline number from outside Australia

La Trobe International is here to support our students in any way we can.  Since many of you are currently studying remotely, from your home countries, to make it easier for you to contact us in an emergency, La Trobe University has introduced a telephone number for students who are currently outside Australia.  Of course, our regular Student After Hours Help Line is still operational (for students currently in Australia) 1800 758 360 and now, if you are outside of Australia, you can call us any time on +61 2 8905 0307

Have you updated your contact details?

As a student visa holder, it is your responsibility to inform La Trobe University of your current residential address within seven days of arrival, and of any change of your residential address within seven days of change, as per condition 8533 on your student visa.  This applies to any of you who have gone home and who are continuing your online studies remotely.

You can update your address with the University on Student Online.  Please choose the Semester/Term address to record your residential address and ensure the address is entered correctly.

Please also check and update your mobile number, or phone number, and personal email address.  (NOTE that the mobile/phone number you provide should be numeric only, with no space or special symbol included).