Speak Up

“Talk to yourself like you would someone you love” Brene Brownhttps://www.latrobe.edu.au/students/support/wellbeing/speak-up/cards-of-support

La Trobe recognises that our students are experiencing difficult times during COVID-19. More than ever, engaging in self-care and supporting your own wellbeing is essential to support your coping during these unprecedented times. 

Tips to help maintain your wellbeing:

  • Look after yourself physically, through a healthy diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep;
  • Learn how to monitor and manage your stress in positive ways, e.g. through exercise, relaxation, breathing, etc.;
  • Make time for positive activities for yourself that will help you to relax and have fun;
  • Limit the use of alcohol and other substances; do not rely on these for relaxation;
  • Foster and maintain your personal relationships, such as your connections with friends and family;
  • If you have spiritual beliefs, make time for regular spiritual practice, or relationships with others who share your philosophy;
  • Ask for help: It feels hard because it is hard;
  • Reach out for support when you need it – from your lecturer, your peers, friends, family, or the services outlined below. 

To provide you with some helpful suggestions on how you can support yourself to stay well including support services you can access, we have developed a Wellbeing Support during COVID-19 webpage and you can check out Speak Up’s Self-Care and Wellbeing factsheet.   

For empowering messages of strength, hope, self-love, the importance of taking one day at a time, and overcoming obstacles Speak Up in conjunction with the Visual Art program at our Bendigo campus have developed ‘Cards of Support’ postcards. You can find these on the Speak Up website.

The Student Wellbeing service is still here to assist you!

We have a range of services available to support students, including a Wellbeing Check-In, Counselling, Equity and Diversity, and Speak Up. We continue to operate during business hours, offering phone and Zoom appointments.

After-hours support is also available by calling 1300 146 307 or text 0488 884 100. This service operates 5pm – 9am on weekdays and 24 hours during weekends and public holidays.

During the COVID-19 pandemic try to stay calm, remember to manage your wellbeing and be reassured that everything that is happening is only temporary.