Focus On… La Trobe University Soccer Club (LUSC) – Around the World! Part 2

In Part 2 of our Around the World adventure with LUSC, we go to Kenya, Japan and Norway.

Remember to go to the dedicated La Trobe Sport webpage for further information about the LUSC, or any of the other LTU sports clubs.

Kevin Karuga, Kenya

Why you love the game: Liverpool FC (side note: he still thinks Liverpool will win the EPL title despite the Coronavirus lockdown)

Fun fact: I can dance like Michael Jackson (And he may be willing to show off some of those MJ dance moves via video, if there is sufficient social media demand)

Miki Ushio, Japan

Why you love the game: I love playing as I get to play with all the great friends I have made throughout the years. When we play together on the field everyone is always very encouraging and we always support each other. This is also why I love playing at LUSC

Fun fact: Being a keeper isn’t easy as I am only 5 ft (1.54m) and the soccer goal is 8 ft (2.44m) high. So yes, you can score if you target close to the crossbar.

Vetle Aaltvedt, Norway

Favourite memory: Definitely first time I came to the grounds. I was actually considering an early return to Norway as I had been struggling to find my “place”. The warm welcome from the players was a real game changer. I’ll never forget Lorenzo insisting on taking me home in his yellow Toyota. He felt it was too far to go home by bus that late and convinced me he lived not far from my place, close to Carlton Gardens. As soon as I got home I looked up Thomastown in the Melway and realised what kind of people this club was made up by. The rest is history, as they say.

Why I love the game: Easy – how it unifies people. LUSC is a great example of that. We were players from all over the world loving every chance we had to have kick at the ball. The friendships and experiences one can make from playing with people like the LUSC family last a life time.

Fun fact: Maybe not that funny, but I haven’t washed my LUSC bib since I left Australia 19 years ago. I can not risk ruining the signatures from the best bunch of mates I have ever met, and I would have loved to still be part of the club and old boys team @ Porsgrunn, Norway. #teamlatrobe