Fee Scams—never pay tuition fees to a third party

There have been reports of University students in Australia being victims of fee scams. The scam involves someone recommending a third party who provides a fee discount – presumably on the assumption that fees are negotiable and the third party can bargain hard.

Students are advised to pay their fees less a discount to the third party. Following this payment, the student receives receipts of fee payment made to their institution by credit card and their student statement of account shows their fees have been paid. However their fees are paid on a stolen credit card, the cardholder then disputes the payment, and the payment is then reversed. The student then has a debt from the fee department at University as their fees are still owing, and they have lost the cash they paid to the third party. The third party then disappears and students are in significant debt. This has caused significant distress to the students who believed they were getting a good deal.

La Trobe University does not provide fee discounts to any third party, so please pay your fees directly to the university.

For more information on scams and support please visit this Scams and Fraud Factsheet.